We explored Chinese New Year for three weeks. During circle time, we asked the children what they know about Chinese New Year. The children mentioned that “there are dragons,” “lion dance,” “you need to put up Chinese decorations,” “fireworks,” and that there is lots of food such as fish, noodles, and dumplings.

We shared with the children that red is a lucky colour and can scare off bad luck and scare the bad things away. Lion dance is a big part of Chinese New year as they bring in the good luck, and the drums and cymbals used in the music also help to scare away the bad luck. The children practiced how to do the lion dance and really enjoyed it.

It is the year of the rooster. Stories about the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac were shared during circle time. We practiced how to say happy new year in Cantonese, which is “Gong Hey Fat Choy.”

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We swept away the bad luck.

thompson preschool
The plum blossom mural is one of the group projects the children worked on together.

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We made the lion head together to practice our lion dancing. We went for a Chinese New Year parade to show the seniors.

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Chinese New Year feast gatherings are a big part of this celebration.

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Enjoying some dim sum with chopsticks.

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During Chinese New Year, there are lots of performances and events, such as ribbon dancing, Chinese opera, and fan dancing. The children chose fan dancing to celebrate.

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We made “lucky money” cookies.

preschool baking

chinese new year
Each of the children received a red envelope with the cookies that they prepared.

Our class learned about the traditions of how to celebrate Chinese New Year. All the children were excited to learn about Chinese culture. Each child shared their ideas, used their imagination and creativity to create the artwork and projects. We had a wonderful time celebrating Chinese New Year.

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Celebrating Chinese New Year
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