This past week we have been talking about Valentine’s Day and Anti-Bullying. During circle time, the children noticed that there are hearts on the calendar. When asked “what month is it?” the children replied, “It’s Valentine’s month.” They were also asked what Valentine’s Day means to them and out came many different ideas. Anti-bullying was added to the discussions since we were talking about loving our loved ones and being kind to each other.

rompers preschool
Here, the children are making envelopes to put their Valentine’s cards in. The children used heart shaped stickers and shapes to decorate the envelopes. They expressed their excitement of making Valentine’s cards during our discussion in circle time.

thompson preschool
During circle time, we discussed many ideas of what Valentine’s Day is to them and sang songs.

What is Valentine’s Day?
“Hearts.” – Makenzie
“Purple and red.” – Zedrick
“You will get treats from mommy and daddy, no ketchup.” – Adryanne
“Cards, so everyone can put them in a pocket.” – Makenzie

What are some ways we can be nice to each other?
“We are family.” – Ava
“Work and play games.” – Dominik
“Make cookies, put sprinkles on them to give mommy and daddy”- Adryanne
“Take picture.”- Ava
“Make cards. Draw hearts and colour it.”- Zedrick

rompers preschool
We talked about what bullying is and how to stop bullying.

“Just be nice.” – Deniel
“Don’t be mean.” – Arya
“Play with each other, get little cars and race with each other.” – Zedrick
“To give things that they like. Give a card and candies to them.” – C
“Talk to everybody.” – Rachel
“No fighting.” – Ava

anti-bullying day
Children drew pictures on a heart shape to show their thoughts on love and kindness. These will be posted  in the main building at the community centre to bring awareness to Anti-bullying.

thompson preschool
Being friendly and waving hello to our friends.

thompson preschool
Helping our friends in need when they are having trouble.

rompers preschool
Sharing is Caring! Sharing is what we do in class to show our love and care with each other.

The past few classes we talked a lot about Valentine’s Day and Anti -Bullying. We learned different ways of showing love, respect, and empathy. We also discussed ways to share, help, and forgive our friends when needed. Furthermore, we understand the importance of discrimination and we want to include everybody.

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Valentine’s and Anti-Bullying Days
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