Last month, we talked about jellyfish. How did the children come up with this topic? One child was building with straw connectors and she told everybody she fishing for jellyfish. All the other children joined her jelly fishing activity. We were amazed at how a simple straw connector activity transferred to the idea of jellyfish for the children. All the children enjoyed making their own fishing pole for jelly fishing.

During circle time, we brainstormed what a jellyfish looks like and the things that the children were curious and wanting to learn about. Brainstorming is like exercising your brain. You will be fascinated what you will hear from the children.

After we brainstormed, the children really wanted to explore the jellyfish with their own eyes. We made a jellyfish provocation for them to explore.

They were fascinated with the hand-made jellyfish in the bottle. They said “Wow! This is so cool”.

After the children got an idea of what a jellyfish looks like, they said they wanted to draw their own ideas of a jellyfish.

It was amazing to listen to the children telling their stories. Writing their stories down felt like we were one of the characters in their stories because their creativity and imagination spilled out from their brain.

This is the story by Royce:
“The jellyfish is having a swim. He is swimming to a place to have a sleep. After his sleep, he is going to find his friend, the hammer head shark, to play. They are playing cars. They are happy together”.
The End

A story by Sina:
“One day there is a jellyfish. He is going to find some Orca, the killer whale. Then a little sea creature was trying to catch the jellyfish. A crab went to eat the sea creature. The little fish was singing for the jellyfish. Then a turtle come, then another fish come, then a dolphin went to see the fish singing”.
The End

During outside play, the children made up a game called “Jellyfish Hide and Seek”. “One jellyfish, two jellyfish, three jellyfish,” the children were counted!

The children really had fun exploring jellyfish, and we enjoyed exploring this new topic with the children. Seeing the process and progress of how the children came up with the idea and to implement their ideas was incredible. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs!

Eva and Laming

Exploration of Jellyfish

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