Our Interest in Construction Continues

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It all started with K making a statement, “I want to build a house.” She then asked, “Do we have boxes?” Adding, “what happened to our old house box?” We explained that it was recycled over the holiday break, but that we could look for other boxes and material to use. A few other children came over to us and S said, “Look in the closet, teacher!”

We looked and found something we thought would be perfect to extend their learning – a bag containing a play castle!

We made observations, pointed out details and asked the children questions to guide their process.

“I wonder how we can build this?”

“There is a picture on the bag”

“Look at the pieces over here”

“It looks like this one screws on, I wonder where it fits?”

“This one first”

“This is hard”

“We need this one”

The children worked together to build the structure, and then played and explored together. After taking turns just ‘being inside’ the castle, some children used this experience to engage in dramatic play and storytelling, using the castle as a story prop.

“Hi hi hi”


This exploration is promoting the following learning areas/skills:

  • Problem-solving, following directions, listening
  • Communication, vocabulary, socializing, storytelling, creativity
  • Sharing, turn-taking, team-work
  • STEM concepts

We wonder where this interest will take us next?

New Ways to Build
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