At Rompers Preschool, we plan our programing around the children’s interests. This is called “Emergent Curriculum.” Generally there are several different topics of interest happening at the same time. Each class, a variety of activities are offered to support each child’s interests and development.

Here are just some of the experiences the children have been exploring during the month of February, based on the topic of water:

The children discovered some ice on the playground and it sparked their curiosity. They wanted to explore how it felt and experiment with it.

The children asked questions, developed a hypothesis and tested their ideas by experimenting and attempting to make more ice.

They came back the next class ready to observe their science project and see if their predictions were true, expand their understanding and test new ideas.

In order to extend this experience for the children, we brought ice into the classroom.

And then, it happened: snow! The weather provided an amazing extension to our water explorations!

The children explored, asked questions, and played. We offered the children information via discussions and books, new material and experiences. Many snowballs were thrown and many turns sledding down the little hill where enjoyed.

As the snow melted, the children discovered a “lake” of slush to muck about in.

Some children searched for treasure in the snow.

Giving the children spray bottles containing coloured water allowed them to explore, create, imagine and experiment.

Following the children’s interests, we thought of different ways to include the topic of water into the classroom, and found ways to link related concepts to expand the children’s knowledge and promote development of skills.

Exploring water beads

As the light from the window reflected off something in the room, some children noticed a rainbow shining on the wall. Excitement brewed, as the children began talking about colour concepts and asking meaningful questions. Once more, following their interest, we set up some invitations to play and explore colours.

A few children began talking about sea life, so we added some experiences following this interest.

Children put on an ocean puppet show for each other, while others played with play dough and sea creatures. The song and felt board props for “Slippery Fish” is a favorite during group time too.

We are looking forward to continuing to expand on current interests and discovering new interests that the children will develop. We never know where the topics for learning will take us, and it is truly is a wonderful adventure…

Winter Adventures
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