We set up a science exploration of non-Newtonian fluid, called “Gloop” or “Oobleck“. A non-Newtonian fluid does not follow Newton’s Law of Viscosity (how thick or thin a fluid is) and Gloop is fascinating to experiment with.

The children learned that when they hit or tap the Gloop, it doesn’t splash. When they apply pressure, it’s turns solid. When they release the pressure it turns back to a liquid. They can manipulate it in different ways and watch it’s unique movement.

Another non-newtonian recipe some children explored was “Slime.” We find that when slime/gloop is presented in our classrooms, it is a very popular choice. Children enjoy making it and playing with it, and do not realize they are immersed in scientific concepts during the whole process.

We plan to continue to make many more recipes and concoctions together with the children, and look forward to exploring concepts with fun, engaging, hands-on learning!

Follow these links for recipes for gloop and slime:



Learning through play and exploration is engaging, developmentally appropriate and builds important school-readiness skills. The children have been learning about many other topics and concepts, through play and exploration.

Here are a just few:

Magnets & loose parts.
When exploring with these materials, a child learns the concepts of attraction, non-attraction and repulsion…AND…
..practices critical thinking, problem solving, fine motor and a large variety of other skills
while constructing and experimenting with magnets and loose parts!
Just imagine the thought processes of a child as he/she created these!
Open-ended art offers so may experiences and benefits:
Creativity, problem solving, literacy, sensory integration, imagination, outlet for stress…the list is infinite.
More art and practice of fine motor skills.

Methods for ‘teaching’ literacy are endless!
The water table is just one example of where and how literacy is learned in preschool.

Light table explorations.
Great use of fine motor, creativity, spacial awareness, critical thinking & problem solving skills!

Playfoam creature creations. So much fun and imagination!

Dramatic play, music & movement with “I Am A Pizza” by Charlotte Diamond

Math, literacy, spacial awareness, critical thinking & problem solving using tangrams.

The benefits of outdoor experiences are boundless!

Lots of construction, collaboration, story-telling, and imagination happening.

A cozy quiet corner is very important in the classroom.
It offers opportunities for “down time,” literacy, social skills, friendship and so much more.
Crayons, cars & buildings on a white board.
This simple provocation opened up opportunities for imagination, story-telling and endless learning.

Designing, creating with Potato Heads. 🙂

Happy Exploring!

Science, Sensory and More ~ Oh My!
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