Dramatic play develops children’s imagination and creativity. It supports children’s literacy skills and teaches them self-regulation as well as conflict resolution. This type of play allows us to see how children understand the world.

In our dramatic play area, we had set up a pizza store. The children were automatically drawn to it and expressed their love for pizza.

The children enjoyed putting different toppings on the pizza. Some of them were vocal about what they like and what they did not like on their pizza.

K liked lots of toppings on her pizza. She put every kind of topping that we had.
S was very busy manning the cash register. He was in charge of taking money from customers.
J made a pizza delivery by train. But he first needed to fix the train tracks.
E and A worked together to finish a pizza order for delivery.

What better way to expand the children’s interest on pizza by making our own pizza in class.

First, the children started by spreading pizza sauce on the crust.

Then, they sprinkled some cheese on top.

Final step was to put them in the oven then the children tried the pizza that they made.

E and B enjoyed the yummy pizza they made. E said that it was thumbs up!

Connecting children’s play to a real life experience gives children the opportunity to practice the skills and concepts that they learned in play.

I wonder if the children’s interest in pizza will continue or will we be exploring something else?

Stay tuned for the next one!


Pizza Pizza!