Strong muscles and gross motor skills are important for children’s development. Gross motor (physical) skills use the large muscles of the body for the purpose of whole body movement – walking, running, balancing, jumping, sitting upright at the table, heavy work (pushing, pulling), etc. These skills enhance our proprioception and vestibular senses, endurance and the ability to navigate our environment.

Strong gross motor skills also improve hand-eye coordination – a much needed skill in ball sports – and affect our ability to successfully participate in fine motor activities (writing, drawing, cutting, etc). Without good gross motor skills, a child may struggle with many everyday activities and school work.

We believe children need ample time to explore their environment and engage in gross motor activities. This will enable them to build strong bodies, problem-solving skills, not to mention important self-help and school-readiness skills.

Here are some gross motor experiences the children have been enjoying lately:

Nature walks
Heavy lifting
Running, jumping, balancing
Sliding, climbing, pulling
Moving material (“heavy work”)
Building Strength, balancing, climbing, maneuvering

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Strong Bodies
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