thompson preschool

“Both my boys Raphael and Regis graduated from Rompers preschool. They had a very fun and love filled 2 years with the staff members and fellow classmates. Not only did they pick up essential everyday skills like eating on their own and tidy up after playing, they also learned how to respect others and be a contributing member in the class. These values ensure them a smooth transition into kindergarten and will be with them throughout their lives. Thank you Rompers!” – Polly

“Both our 9 year old son and 6 year old daughter attended Rompers Preschool, and both of them loved it.  They liked the teachers that they had, and enjoyed all the activities, whether it was circle time, arts and crafts, singing songs, learning the alphabet or discovering things about nature on the walks. Our kids also made good friends there, and still see their preschool friends regularly.  Overall, it was a very positive experience for our family.” – Sandra

“My daugther attended Rompers Preschool for two years. Preschool prepared her for kindergarten and the transition to school was easy. The teachers at Rompers were organized, caring, and attentive. I would recommned Rompers to any parent looking for a great preschool for their child.” – Laura

“Rompers has a safe location and environment for kids. I like their own playground best. The teachers are very kindhearted to every kid and well educated.” – Vicky

“Both my children attended Rompers preschool for 2 years & enjoyed their time there.  We made lasting friendships with other children & parents which we have maintained.  We are thankful for our time at Rompers and the positive experiences we had there.” – Allison