thompson preschool

We believe each child is a unique individual who learns at their own rate through active exploration and play-based activities. It is our goal to provide a safe, nurturing and engaging environment which promotes trust and supports the development of the whole child.

Whole child development addresses the growth in the following areas:


  • Ability to work and play with others (sharing, turn taking, cooperation, respecting others and using materials in a safe and responsible manner).


  • Promote development of fine and gross motor skills through appropriate activities (puzzles, play dough, running, climbing, biking, dancing etc.).


  • Promote choice making, identification and understanding of emotions which will facilitate development of positive self imagine and that of others.


  • Promote understanding of concepts such as colour, size, shape etc. (block play, art, sorting activities, puzzles, water play, art work.)


  • Develop listening and communication skills through story telling, dramatic play, music, interaction with teacher and peers.


  • Express self through art, dramatic play, books, stories and problem solving.

To allow the child to develop a sense of trust we follow a daily routine that allows the child to be clear about what is expected of him/her.

Children are active learners and they learn through hands-on experience. We offer an interesting and stimulating environment to encourage this exploration.

We believe outdoor and active play is a valuable part of your child’s preschool experience for the development of gross motor skills and social skills, which are key components to successful learning.

Ongoing communication between educators and parents helps build mutual understanding and greater consistency for children. This partnership helps provide the foundation for developing a positive attitude towards learning.